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My Henna Art ?

Hey !

This is the design i made from that henna which i made and it was beautiful expiriance. I was expecting the more darker color then this but this is the beautiful fresh henna color i love it ?  Here is the Pic when i applied design and fresh stain. I kept the henna for 5 hours and second stain is after 12 hours 


White Henna Experience 

It was a beautiful Experience.I love to apply mehndi henna and now days its in fashion to apply different colors of henna specially white color.I saw on Instagram and i love pictures of white henna and i am crazy about henna that’s why i search allot i texted on instagram who was applying white henna but she did not tell me about the product i was very upset and after researching i found body paint in white.this is temporary body paint which dries after long time and wash easily with water.this was a test for me.So i bought white body paint from walmart this body paint was in tube and i made cone with wrapping paper and switch little amount of body paint into cone and wallah and i applied like a henna.Here is my other pictures of white henna and body paint tube which i found in walmart:)




Yup empty tea cup yes tea (i do not like coffee that much) and empty plate with croissants crumbs
i know i should take picture before i eat but croissants with cream cheese and butter was so delicious and i could not wait to eat them (i had two ;)so when i ate then suddenly i thought oh my God i should take picture but anyways you can see crumbs :)
O i forgot to tell it was my breakfast yes breakfast at 2:30 pm 😉

Nail Art

fake nails ki story
kal ki baat hai mai nay yah nails lagay jo k mujhay gift main milay thay buhat khushi hui laga k bilkul asli or feel bhi nahi hua k nakli lagay guvay hain thori dair baad mujhay feel hua k yah lambay hain tu main nay in ko kaat k achi si shape day kar oper nailpolish laga k sara din pahni rakhay yah nails glue k sath thay is liayay mujhay glue kharednay ki zarorat nahi pari khair sara din pahnnay k baad ikhatam kahani ka yah hua k main nay in ko khanch k utar k garbage main phank diyaya :-) :-) :-)