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My Henna Art ?

Hey !

This is the design i made from that henna which i made and it was beautiful expiriance. I was expecting the more darker color then this but this is the beautiful fresh henna color i love it ?  Here is the Pic when i applied design and fresh stain. I kept the henna for 5 hours and second stain is after 12 hours 


Mid Night Henna ;-)

Hey ! Last night i was stayed up late and was thinking about henna design and finaly i applied this design or art. Hmmm i bought henna cone from pattale brother in Norwalk, CT. It is not good henna cone but for prectise you can use this cone coz its stain is not good enough. Here is my latest Henna pic with stain 

If any kids, lady and Girl want to apply henna can contact me. For free Sample

My email adress is afkusa04@gmail.com 

Norwalk, CT. 


George Washington Bridge

buhat khobsorat manzar buhat payara bridge hai yah
Pahli mattaba jab hun yahan guzr rahua thay tu sham thi or andharray main itna clear pata nahi chalta k manzar payara hai k nahi lakin jab main nay subha ki roshni main dakha tu mujhay yaqeen hua k loug is bridge ki kyun baat kartay hain
WASHINGTON DC jo kay UNITED STATE OF AMERICA ka Capital hai GWB kay nam say bhi mashoor hai
Is jagha pay buhat rash hota hai