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Organic Henna

I Made Organic Henna at Home. I bought Henna Powder from Indian Store in Norwalk CT I am sharing the Henna paste which i made the day before yesterday because henna paste should sit for 24 hours.So Here is the pic when i made paste of Henna with Lavender Oil sugar and lemon juice.


Here is after 24 hours


White Henna Experience 

It was a beautiful Experience.I love to apply mehndi henna and now days its in fashion to apply different colors of henna specially white color.I saw on Instagram and i love pictures of white henna and i am crazy about henna that’s why i search allot i texted on instagram who was applying white henna but she did not tell me about the product i was very upset and after researching i found body paint in white.this is temporary body paint which dries after long time and wash easily with water.this was a test for me.So i bought white body paint from walmart this body paint was in tube and i made cone with wrapping paper and switch little amount of body paint into cone and wallah and i applied like a henna.Here is my other pictures of white henna and body paint tube which i found in walmart:)



Henna after a long time

After a long time i applied henna on my hand. I am very happy to see my henna stain i love it so much. I bought tube henna i like to make thin lines of henna when its applies on hands. So i made a henna cone and cut the henna tube and switch henna tube into henna cone and then i applied on my hands. And wallah it works and i am happy to see my work because i applied thin lines and made beautiful design after a long time 😊 Here is my henna picture before and after 😉



Yup empty tea cup yes tea (i do not like coffee that much) and empty plate with croissants crumbs
i know i should take picture before i eat but croissants with cream cheese and butter was so delicious and i could not wait to eat them (i had two ;)so when i ate then suddenly i thought oh my God i should take picture but anyways you can see crumbs :)
O i forgot to tell it was my breakfast yes breakfast at 2:30 pm 😉