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My Henna Art ?

Hey !

This is the design i made from that henna which i made and it was beautiful expiriance. I was expecting the more darker color then this but this is the beautiful fresh henna color i love it ?  Here is the Pic when i applied design and fresh stain. I kept the henna for 5 hours and second stain is after 12 hours 


Organic Henna

I Made Organic Henna at Home. I bought Henna Powder from Indian Store in Norwalk CT I am sharing the Henna paste which i made the day before yesterday because henna paste should sit for 24 hours.So Here is the pic when i made paste of Henna with Lavender Oil sugar and lemon juice.


Here is after 24 hours


Rimmel London Lipstick

i love makeup i love drugstore products.These are affordable and good quality too and i love to buy from CVS or WALGREEN or TARGET or WALMART.
Actually i like to go walmart because we can buy anything in low price.
Anyhow i bought this rimmel London nude lipstick and i love this.I have mac nude lipstick too that is very dry matte nude color and that need little bit of gloss and lip liner to make shape your lips but this lipstick you do not need to apply any lip-balm before you apply because this is very beautiful glossy nude lipstick it keeps moisturize your lips for all day.Honestly this is the best nude color i have ever use i love it <3<3<3 this is number 700 nude delight   

Henna after a long time

After a long time i applied henna on my hand. I am very happy to see my henna stain i love it so much. I bought tube henna i like to make thin lines of henna when its applies on hands. So i made a henna cone and cut the henna tube and switch henna tube into henna cone and then i applied on my hands. And wallah it works and i am happy to see my work because i applied thin lines and made beautiful design after a long time 😊 Here is my henna picture before and after 😉



Yup empty tea cup yes tea (i do not like coffee that much) and empty plate with croissants crumbs
i know i should take picture before i eat but croissants with cream cheese and butter was so delicious and i could not wait to eat them (i had two ;)so when i ate then suddenly i thought oh my God i should take picture but anyways you can see crumbs :)
O i forgot to tell it was my breakfast yes breakfast at 2:30 pm 😉

Lo G January Bhi Muk Gaya

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire :) this quote For The Feburary :)
beautiful owl right i captured this at the same place 😉 you know what i mean in the New Day Bakery yes now i remember the name of Bakery yes 😉 I dont Like this Bird That Much But i love to take pictures that’s why and i think this is beautiful view right 😉